crude oil is one of the most important natural resources in the world, and is one of the most frequently traded commodities. In the FIBO platform can spot crude oil trading, in particular the quality of crude oil as the transaction object spot contract, is a CFD transaction, not only relates to the product itself, to bond as risk protection, is the implementation of T+0 trading system, can buy up or buy or not, in the fall and rise, the degree of risk a small, flexible delivery, suitable for cash. For investors, the investment is stronger than the other types of trading, and the profit is high. At present the FIBO platform to provide customers with the market is widely traded U.S. crude oil (WTI) and Brent crude oil, investors only need one account can be easily traded.

choose to deal with crude oil?

  • low point and low transaction cost
  • two-way trading, there is a hedge function
  • is not limited by the fluctuation board, and the risk is
  • price fluctuation is affected by supply and demand, and the market is easy to grasp
  • execution fast, no repeat offer
  • can be set to full stop and other pending and instructions to control the position of

transaction data

and FIBO conduct crude oil trading. Customers can enjoy advanced trading tools, competitive points and efficient execution speed, regardless of bull market, bear market opportunities.

product name minimum transaction number the largest number of traders contract unit orders from margin ratio
(depending on the net value and balance of the account)
trading time (Beijing time) trading time (MT4 time)
USO/USD 0.1 20 1,000 2.4 2% Monday to Friday: 07:00-05:59 Monday to Friday: 01:00-24:00
UKO/USD 0.1 20 1,000 2.4 2% Monday to Friday: 09:00-05:59 Monday to Friday: 03:00-24:00

note: * U. S. summer time, Beijing trading time corresponding to 1 hours
FIBO reminds you to consider raising the risk of leverage. Relatively small fluctuations in the market may be enlarged proportionately, which will have a great impact on the funds you have deposited or will be deposited. This may be bad for you, or it may be in your favor. You could lose the entire original margin, and the need to deposit additional funds to cover positions.

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