spot gold

gold is an important financial commodity and also a rare metal, with a very high economic value. In the period of financial turmoil, gold is a high factor choice for investors to avoid risk. Spot gold in foreign exchange market does not need to be delivered in kind, and is bought or sold through the way of margin in the form of quotation relative to the US dollar. In view of the relationship between gold and the dollar, many investors will choose to buy gold to avoid the dollar risk.

choose to trade spot gold?

  • has a reserve function
  • stable security, low risk, high return
  • can be used as a hedge strategy
  • is delivered at any time, easy to cash in

transaction data

FIBO can provide up to 100:1 gold trading for customers to leverage, reasonable spreads, international bank optimal quotations, contracts and flexible size, and let the customer enjoy multiple instructions and Guadan risk management.

trading currency to minimum transaction number the largest number of traders contract unit orders from margin ratio
(as the net margin account and the balance of the case may be)
trading time (Beijing time) trading time (MT4 time)
XAU/USD 0.01 20 100 2.4 0.5%~2% Monday to Friday: 07:00-05:59 Monday to Friday: 01:00-24:00

note: * U. S. summer time, Beijing trading time corresponding to 1 hours
FIBO reminds you to consider raising the risk of leverage. Relatively small fluctuations in the market may be enlarged proportionately, which will have a great impact on the funds you have deposited or will be deposited. This may be bad for you, or it may be in your favor. You could lose the entire original margin, and the need to deposit additional funds to cover positions.

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