Risk statement

Risk Disclaimer
FIBO financial trading products are margin trading, is a high-risk investment, only applies to individuals and institutional investors who are able to bear the risk of loss. FIBO can provide foreign exchange trading accounts with a leverage ratio of up to 100: 1. Trading at maximum leverage will also increase the risk. A slight price fluctuation may cause a large reduction in the net asset value of accounts. High leverage means high yield and high risk co-exist. Before deciding to invest in any financial products, you must carefully consider your own investment objectives, trading experience, and affordable range. Leveraged transactions make you lose some or all of the initial deposit possibility, therefore, should not invest in the amount of money can not afford to lose. Clients should have a clear understanding of the risks posed by the above foreign exchange and futures exchanges and seek advice from personal financial advisers if in doubt. FIBO specifically disclaims that in the event of any inability to log on to the platform or conduct other operations in the event of a network connection or speed limitation, FIBO shall not be responsible for the trading losses incurred by customers due to their own network problems.

Disclaimer about order execution
FIBO Closing risk of clients entering STX directly using STP (straight through processing) while executing. Any and all order operations through FIBO include, but are not limited to, Limit orders, Stop orders, Trailing stops, and pending orders, which will be directly connected to FIBO's Shangjia Bank, STP system Shangjia Bank provides liquidity to the market by holding ample stocks of various currencies. Your order will be entered directly into each bank as a market order. FIBO is not responsible for any deviations or consequences arising from market orders executed by banks.

Limit orders placed by FIBO at a particular price through FIBO may be subject to market fluctuations or other factors including, but not limited to: news events, political events, raw material market events, and publication of research reports leading to their final transaction Deviations from the price set by it. Thus, while stop-loss orders often help clients to control potential losses, be aware that stop-loss orders may not function as fully in control of loss as the market tends to unfavorably move. FIBO does not take any responsibility for the price deviation and the result between the execution price of any stop order and the customer's default price. If your account has sufficient funds and the stop loss you require is outside the market's minimum stop loss order, you can adjust your stop loss to whatever level you require. Although stop-loss orders in a sense help you to position the risk control positions, but you must know that all the orders are subject to the market gap.

FIBO is committed to providing our clients with the best quotes and taking all necessary efforts and all necessary measures. Stop orders, only the profit orders, long pending orders, short pending orders will be the price of the implementation of the customer. However, under certain special trading conditions, FIBO may not be able to guarantee that all or any orders will be placed at the price requested by the client. This may result in a delay, including the execution of orders such as ticking in the system.

Disclaimer on the use of electronic trading systems, including the MT4 Platform EA
Customer agrees to assume full responsibility for the use of the electronic trading platform and any orders transmitted through the electronic trading platform. FIBO assumes no responsibility for the differences and the results associated with the use of the MT4 Expert Advisors by the customer. Customer is solely responsible for the use of Expert Advisors' automated trading programs and all transactions based on this program. FIBO is neutral to clients using the Expert Advisors automated trading program. Any and all open positions caused by Expert Advisors' automatic trading procedures are not covered by FIBO's responsibility, whether due to system error or not, and FIBO therefore does not assume any liability for such acts or consequential acts Any responsibility