Margin policy

Thank you for your trust and support for FIBO. To optimize your asset management and risk control experience, FIBO adjusts leverage for foreign exchange and precious metal products based on net individual account value, effective March 1, 2017.

1. A trading account with a net account value of less than USD 100,000 can enjoy up to 200: 1 leverage;
2. A trading account with a net account value over USD 100,000 can use leverage up to 100: 1;
3.Account account with a net account of more than 500,000 U.S. dollars. For example, if the trading products are mainly precious metals, crosses, etc., the available leverage is 50: 1.

See the table below for details:

FIBO 2017 Leverage Adjustment Notice
Net account value
Foreign exchange
Precious metal
USD 1,500 – 100,000 200:1 200:1
USD 100,000 – 499,999 100:1 100:1
≥ USD 500,000 50:1 50:1

● CFD product leverage unchanged
This adjustment does not include CFD products, so its leverage remains unchanged: U30USD,SPXUSD,NASUSD,100GBP,D30EUR,F40EUR Product leverage 100:1,H33HKD,USOUSD,UKOUSD Product leverage 50:1;
● lever adjustment
Under an agent, the same MAM master account and sub-account leverage are consistent;
This leverage adjustment policy applies to all Forex products. FIBO has the right to leverage the position of a commodity according to the actual situation (such as gold, silver, etc.);
FIBO reserves the right to leverage at any time according to the circumstances of the account and will not inform the customer in advance;
● Automated adjustment
Trading client background is established, the leverage will automatically adjust the current net trading account, this adjustment will not be informed in advance;
● automatically with the customer
As a general rule, leverage up to 100: 1 for customers with automated orders.

Margin adjustment and calculation formula
Unlike the previous fixed margin model, FIBO will adopt the new floating margin calculation method from May 20, 2013 - the market price of the traded products will be related to the floating amount of the margin, that is, the investors will conduct on the FIBO platform The foreign exchange or precious metal trading margin may follow its market price changes.

Calculated as follows:
Margin = Lots * Contract Size * Market Price / Leverage
Note: The margin variable, Market Price, is specified as the market price of the straight product molecule traded on the trade.

For example, a trader with an account below USD50,000 (Customer A) does more on the FIBO platform at 1.3050Euro / dollarCurrency pair, the volume is a mini hand, then the client has the margin in the order transaction is:
Margin = 1 Lot * 10,000 (Contract size) * 1.3050 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 130.50 (USD)

If the above investors in the 99.80 stalls to do more than 1 mini-hand dollar / yen, then the order has been deposited with the margin (fixed) as follows:
Margin = 1 Lot * 10,000 (Contract size) * 1 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 100.00 (USD)

Again, when the trader is short 1 on the FIBO platform at 0.9460USD / CHFThe currency pair, due to the direct market price of its numerator (in USD), is 1, and the amount of used margin (fixed) for that user for the moment when the order is placed is:
Margin = 1 Lot * 10,000 (Contract size) * 1 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 100.00 (USD)

Here are some ways to calculate margin for Forex cross-trades and gold products:

For example, Customer A is short 2 Mini hand on the FIBO platform at 102.20AUD / JPY, While the direct selling price of AUD / USD at this moment is 1.0304, then the existing margin for customer A in order fulfillment is:
Margin = 2Lots * 10,000 (Contract Size) * 1.0304 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 206.08 (USD)
Note: The used margin will follow the change of AUD / USD market price.

In addition, when Customer A is short on the FIBO platform at 0.8520, 5 A mini handEuro / British pound, While at this time the molecular straight disk euro / dollar quoted at 1.3048, then the user's margin in the transaction:
Margin = 5Lots * 10,000 (Contract Size) * 1.3048 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 652.40 (USD)
Note: The used margin will follow the changes in the market price of EUR / USD.

Finally, the new margin deposit also applies to gold and silver products traded by investors on the FIBO platform. Example: Customer A is short 10 Mini hand at 1440.00 USDgold, The order transaction, the used margin is:
Margin = 10Lots * 10 (Contract Size) * 1440 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 1440.00 (USD)
Note: The used margin will be adjusted according to the change of gold price (XAU / USD).

The FIBO leverage and margin New Deal aims to effectively control all customers in the FIBO platform for foreign exchange, precious metals investment risk, and the CFD CFD margin calculation method remains unchanged. FIBO reminds investors once again that they need to fully understand the changes to this policy.

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